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Stoicism for Inner Peace

Limba englezăengleză
Carte Carte broșată
Carte Stoicism for Inner Peace Einzelganger
Codul Libristo: 35537894
Editura Independently Published, martie 2021
The ancient Stoics were deeply concerned with the virtue of equanimity. Equanimity or ‘inner peace’... Descrierea completă
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The ancient Stoics were deeply concerned with the virtue of equanimity. Equanimity or ‘inner peace’ is a prerequisite for being a happy and flourishing person according to Stoic philosophy.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that ancient Stoic texts contain invaluable wisdom on how to calm the mind. The challenge, however, is to find and translate this wisdom in a way that’s simple and comprehensible in our modern context, while still maintaining its profundity. Einzelgänger studied the ancient Stoic texts and has been creating a (growing) collection of essays on applying Stoic philosophy in everyday life.

Most of these essays have been published on YouTube in video format. Due to their popularity, Einzelgänger decided to revise a selection of these essays on Stoicism and inner peace, and release them in book format. Not only have all the texts been re-edited and improved, many of them have been extended, and two unreleased pieces about ‘loneliness’ and ‘guilt’ have been added to the collection. A focus on inner peace is more than relevant in these challenging and unpredictable times.

Stoic philosophy can help us put things into perspective, let go of past events, worry less about the future, and improve our overall experience of life.

Informații despre carte

Titlu complet Stoicism for Inner Peace
Autor Einzelganger
Limba engleză
Legare Carte - Carte broșată
Data publicării 2021
Număr pagini 166
EAN 9798725807226
ISBN 872580722Y
Codul Libristo 35537894
Greutatea 188
Dimensiuni 127 x 203 x 10
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