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Limba englezăengleză
Carte Carte broșată
Carte Breath James Nestor
Codul Libristo: 35355604
Editura Random House Publishing, iulie 2021
A New York Times Bestseller A Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book of 2020 Named a Best Book of... Descrierea completă
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A New York Times Bestseller

A Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book of 2020

Named a Best Book of 2020 by NPR
"A fascinating scientific, cultural, spiritual and evolutionary history of the way humans breathe and how we ve all been doing it wrong for a long, long time." - Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic and Eat Pray Love

No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, how skinny or young or wise you are, none of it matters if you re not breathing properly.

There is nothing more essential to our health and well-being than breathing: take air in, let it out, repeat twenty-five thousand times a day. Yet, as a species, humans have lost the ability to breathe correctly, with grave consequences.

Journalist James Nestor travels the world to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. The answers aren t found in pulmonology labs, as we might expect, but in the muddy digs of ancient burial sites, secret Soviet facilities, New Jersey choir schools, and the smoggy streets of São Paulo. Nestor tracks down men and women exploring the hidden science behind ancient breathing practices like Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, and Tummo and teams up with pulmonary tinkerers to scientifically test long-held beliefs about how we breathe.

Modern research is showing us that making even slight adjustments to the way we inhale and exhale can jump-start athletic performance; rejuvenate internal organs; halt snoring, asthma, and autoimmune disease; and even straighten scoliotic spines. None of this should be possible, and yet it is.

Drawing on thousands of years of medical texts and recent cutting-edge studies in pulmonology, psychology, biochemistry, and human physiology, Breath turns the conventional wisdom of what we thought we knew about our most basic biological function on its head.

You will never breathe the same again

Informații despre carte

Titlu complet Breath
Autor James Nestor
Limba engleză
Legare Carte - Carte broșată
Data publicării 2021
Număr pagini 304
EAN 9780593420218
ISBN 0593420217
Codul Libristo 35355604
Greutatea 236
Dimensiuni 196 x 128 x 24
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