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Simpler Life: a guide to greater serenity, ease, and clarity

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Carte Simpler Life: a guide to greater serenity, ease, and clarity SCHOOL OF LIFE
Codul Libristo: 37179397
Editura The School of Life Press, ianuarie 2022
Exploring ideas around minimalism, simplicity and how to live comfortably with less. The modern wor... Descrierea completă
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Exploring ideas around minimalism, simplicity and how to live comfortably with less. The modern world can be a complicated, frenzied and noisy place, filled with too many options, products, ideas and opinions. That explains why what many of us long for is simplicity: a life that can be more pared down, peaceful and focused on the essentials. But finding simplicity is not always easy; it isn't just a case of emptying out our closets or trimming back commitments in our diaries. True simplicity requires that we understand the roots of our distractions - and develop a canny respect for the stubborn reasons why things can grow complex and overwhelming. This book is a guide to the simpler lives we crave and deserve. It considers how we might achieve simplicity across a range of areas: our relationships, social lives, work routines and our approaches to possessions and media. Along the way, we learn about Zen Buddhism, modernist architecture, monasteries, psychoanalysis, and why we probably don't need more than three good friends or a few treasured belongings. It isn't enough that our lives should look simple; they need to be simple from the inside. This book takes a psychological approach, guiding us towards less contorted hearts and minds. It suggests that once we truly know who we are and what we want, we will be able to live with far less than we currently believe we need. We have for too long been drowning in excess and clutter from a confusion about our aspirations; A Simpler Life helps us tune out the static and focus on what properly matters to us.

Informații despre carte

Titlu complet Simpler Life: a guide to greater serenity, ease, and clarity
Limba engleză
Legare Carte - Copertă tare
Data publicării 2022
Număr pagini 216
EAN 9781912891689
ISBN 1912891689
Codul Libristo 37179397
Greutatea 368
Dimensiuni 151 x 187 x 24
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