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Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Third Edition

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Carte Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Third Edition Thomas N. Bulkowski
Codul Libristo: 33186879
Editura John Wiley & Sons Inc, iunie 2021
The market's bestselling and most comprehensive reference on chart patterns, backed by statistics an... Descrierea completă
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The market's bestselling and most comprehensive reference on chart patterns, backed by statistics and decades of experience When the smart money trades the securities markets, they leave behind financial footprints. Combine enough footprints together and you have a trail to follow. That trail becomes what's called a chart pattern. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Third Edition expands upon Bulkowski's immensely popular Second Edition with fully revised and updated material on chart patterns. Whether you're new to the stock market or an experienced professional trader, use this book as a reference guide to give you an edge. Within the pages of this book, you'll learn how to identify chart patterns, supported by easy-to-understand performance statistics describing how well a pattern works, what the failure rate is, and what special quirks suggest better future performance. You'll discover how often a stop loss order will trigger at various locations within a chart pattern, how the chart pattern's performance has evolved over the past three decades, and how to profit from failure by trading busted patterns. This broadened and revised Third Edition offers investors the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to this popular method of market analysis. Written by a leading expert on chart patterns, Tom Bulkowski, this edition includes revised statistics on 75 chart patterns including 23 new ones, with pictures and performance statistics, packaged within easy-to-read text. * Gain essential knowledge of chart patterns and how they are used to predict price movements in bull and bear markets * New tables include how often stops are hit, busted pattern performance, performance over the decades, and special pattern features * Joining Tour, Identification Guidelines, Focus on Failures, Statistics, Trading Tactics and Sample Trade is Experience. It puts you in the passenger's seat so you can share lessons learned from Bulkowski's trades * This edition reports on statistics from nearly four times the number of samples used in the Second Edition and ten times the number in the First Edition The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Third Edition further solidifies the reputation of this book as the leading reference on chart patterns, setting it far above the competition.

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Titlu complet Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Third Edition
Limba engleză
Legare Carte - Copertă tare
Data publicării 2021
Număr pagini 1312
EAN 9781119739685
ISBN 1119739683
Codul Libristo 33186879
Greutatea 2252
Dimensiuni 261 x 190 x 51
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