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Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual

Limba englezăengleză
Carte Carte broșată
Carte Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual Mark Dvoretsky
Codul Libristo: 28699130
Editura Russell Enterprises, august 2020
The Fifth Edition of a Modern Masterpiece When it appeared in 2003, the first edition of Dvoretsky'... Descrierea completă
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The Fifth Edition of a Modern Masterpiece

When it appeared in 2003, the first edition of Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual was immediately recognized by novice and master alike as one of the best books ever published on the endgame. The enlarged and revised fifth edition is better than ever!

Here is what Vladimir Kramnik, the 14th World Champion, had to say in his foreword to the fifth edition:

"I consider Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual an absolute must for every chess professional, and no less important even for a club player… I always recommend this book… I consider it to be one of the very best chess books published in recent times and I am very pleased with the new enhanced edition…"

German grandmaster Karsten Muller, widely recognized as one of the best endgame theoreticians in the world today, has carefully updated the fifth edition with the help of American grandmaster Alex Fishbein. The incredible instructional value of the exercises has been preserved, and the blue text used in the first four editions has been replaced with text with a light grey background.

Here's what they had to say about the first edition:

"Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual ... may well be the chess book of the year … [It] comes close to an ultimate one-volume manual on the endgame." - Lubomir Kavalek in his chess column of December 1, 2003 in the Washington Post

"Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual is quite simply a masterpiece of research and insight … Most of all, Dvoretsky's analysis is staggering in its depth and accuracy." - John Watson at The Week In Chess.

2003 Book of the Year - JeremySilman.com
2003 Book of the Year - Seagaard Chess Reviews

Informații despre carte

Titlu complet Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual
Limba engleză
Legare Carte - Carte broșată
Data publicării 2020
Număr pagini 440
EAN 9781949859188
ISBN 1949859185
Codul Libristo 28699130
Greutatea 766
Dimensiuni 174 x 250 x 22
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